439 Saint Mihiel Drive

Riverside  NJ  08075


PHONE - 856 764-8866

FAX - 856 764-8660

About Us

AURADONICS, INC. was envisioned and formed in 1989 by John and Nancy Ianieri, initially to make ceramic aesthetic brackets. Auradonics soon expanded to include manufacture of Elast-o-Ties, stainless steel and plastic brackets, elastics and elastomeric ligatures. We purchased our present building in 2000. Since then, we extrude our own ribbon and thread, make our own molds, dies and automation improvements. We have satisfied customers all around the globe.

We continue to improve our products based on customer and clinician feedback, and follow the journals to keep abreast of trends and new inventions. We are known for our quality Products, fast shipping, and conscientious concern to do this job well. We all strive to help clinicians treat patients with the many problems associated with malocclusions, congenital, traumatic, or cosmetic orthodontic disorders.

Auradonics, Inc. is family-owned and operated in Riverside, NJ. Since opening in 1989, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar orthodontic products, but our products are made with a personal touch.

AURADONICS, INC. is registered to sell its products with the FDA and maintains ISO 13485 and CE certification to show that we care about our customers and help us make quality products!