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SEPO Loops: Orthodontic Products to Separate Teeth

Our standard Sep-O (SEPO) Loops have the high strength and memory required for spacing teeth for banding. They are .180 inches in diameter. Great care must be used to insure these modules have the required strength to efficiently perform the task. These are made in standard Blue and radio-opaque.   Sep-O Loops are sold in packages of 960 separators.

We are now offering our patent-pending SEPO-II separator loops in addition to the standard SEPO loops. As you see below, SEPO-IIs have two protuberances, placed lingually and labially to provide protection against sub-gingival loss. And they contain NO barium sulphate to degrade the elastomer memory. The "knobs" on our modules provide greater "weld-line" strength...AND make them easier to remove before banding. Molded in units of 80 modules for fumble-free placement.
All our separators have NO LATEX, NO BPA, no plasticizers! Standard SEPOs come in blue and radio-opaque.  SEPO-IIs are color-coded light blue for moderate force and purple for heavier force.


SEPO-IIs have knobs and outstanding strength and elastomer memory.

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Our New cut Sep-o’s are Radio-opaque and have excellent rebound


 SEPO-II loops in action


Standard SEPOS do not have knobs and are available with or without radio-opaque ingredient.